Projects that work

Below you find typical Use Cases that explain how clients use our services. The scope reaches from a global operating enterprises to local small and medium-sized companies. The projects show how we deliver(ed) complex projects that might span decade(s) as well as short focused projects with fast quality results.

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Enterprise Project

Ensure that a large pharmaceutical company can operate one of their key legacy systems for conducting clinical trials. It cannot really be titelated as a project as we would rather call it a "journey". It was the first ever system that was outsourced by this customer. The system manages millions of pages. edea developed, validated and operated this system globally for over 15 years and it is still running! The number of unscheduled downtimes during this period was negligible, making it one of the most succesful outsourcing of services ever.

  • Large global enterprise
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Development, hosting, service desk
  • > 15 years, still running...
  • Global
Complexity combined with global focus More than just a challenge
The client wanted to introduce a new global system for the conduct of all clinical trials but it would take years to implement and roll-out. Meanwhile the existing system was too expensive to be further maintained (many manual steps, etc.). EDEA should build a new system utilising web technology to replace the old existing system. Just before the system was delivered and validated, EDEA was asked to also operate it. Moreover, a complete migration from the current system was incorporated as well. Since this was a vital system for the client it was essential that it would run without any interruption and that it was globally supported 24/7.
The client granted EDEA, since they were part of the project team, a final attempt after two vendors failed with their software proposals. EDEA had shown competence and eagerness to deliver
About Enterprise Project
Enterprise Project Details

A global project of this magnitude was unprecedented for edea. Retrospectively, it was greatly managed, despite major challenges, such as:

         Introducing a new web-based system software as well as backend modules
         Being the first outsourced system of the client
         A validated migration process with millions of data points and digital pages

The technology involved was very diverse:

  • Enterprise Java for the core web application
  • Oracle database(s)
  • Windows applications
  • Hybrid infrastructure components (Linux and Windows servers, Checkpoint firewalls, EMC SAN technology, etc.)


Communication Transformation

The customer has various locations in Switzerland. Communication between the sites was far from optimal due to various infrastructure providers and analog-based communication. The goal was to enable IP-based telephony and harmonizing infrastructure utilizing a minimal number of providers.

  • Local gourmet food supplier
  • Food, Gourmet Food
  • Transformation analogue to digital
  • 8 months
  • Switzerland
Swiss local solution Transform IT Infrastucture
Initially the project was only to replace the existing analogue phone infrastructure with IP telephony. However, eventually the complete IT Communication Infrastructure was renewed.
edea was chosen to implement this transformation process based on its experience in managing complex IT projects. Moreover, due to its collaboration with the Swiss telecommunication provider VTX, for which edea acts as a reseller, it could offer a single complete solution package.
About Communications Project
Communication Project Details

The major challenges of this project were:

         Change, within restricted time, all communication betweeen various sites
         Replace the current infrastructure
         Reduce the various service providers to a single one if possible

The technological aspects were diverse:

  • IP telephony
  • Backup and replication of data between various locations
  • Consolidation of service providers without interrupting operations


Centralized SAS Project

Consultants are spread amongst various locations. Their prime task is to develop and test SAS programs against large data sets. Initially a Document Management System was used to share programs and data among team members, but due to the amount of data it became very impractical. Especially the review process as part of the collaboration between team members was very time-consuming. edea developed a solution where all SAS programs and data is located on a central version controlled repository. The virtual desktop environment is accessed via a terminal session over a VPN connection. In this way collaboration was made easier and time was saved significantly by not having to transfer big data sets between people. It offers many advantages: consultants can work on the same project in parallel. All data and programs are stored in a central repository and project times can be reduced significantly.

  • Consultancy, data writing
  • Data Management
  • Engineering, hosting, support
  • 10 Months
  • Netherlands
Complexity combined with global focus More than just a challenge
Client wanted something that was not available on the market which implied that edea needed to engineer a solution from scratch.
Client used already for many years a Document Management System operated by edea. They needed a reliable partner that understands the requirments for validated systems and also understands clinical audits.
About the centralized SAS Project
Centralized SAS Project Details

A new and creative solution to ensure collaboration between distributed consultants for SAS programming services. the following challenges, were encountered:

         Distributed workspaces that required collaboration
         High availability and processing power
         A validated solution

The technology involved was very diverse:

  • Central SAS repository
  • Version control using SVN
  • Windows Terminal Sessions
  • VPN access using OpenVPN
  • Virtualisation (Citrix XenServer)
  • Hybrid infrastructure components


Managed IT Project

Client is a biomedical/pharma company with headquarters in the US but a subsiduary location in Switzerland. Increasing costs and unhappiness with the current IT made it necessary to revisit the IT management and Support of it's subsiduary. Instead of employing own staff all managed IT services were handed over to edea. It enabled the customer to get the service they really needed, get a higher quality of service and to significanlty reduce the monthly costs.

  • Indiviualized Treatment
  • Life Sciences
  • Managed IT, Support
  • > 3 Years
  • Switzerland
Managed IT Saving by Outsourcing
Oursourcing is always a mnatter of trust. edea had the experience with a large enterprise and applied this knowledge for this client.
The client knew edea since they both were located at the same office building. edea was able to proof that by outsourcing the IT support could significanly save cost while also increasing the quality of services.
About the managed IT project
Managed IT Details

The following challenges had to be overcome:

         Data, systems and existing IT department located in the US
         Local and Remote support
         Complex and secure infrastructure
         Cost efficiency is essential

The following technological aspects were relevant:

  • MS Exchange management
  • VPNs
  • Technical support for a diverse IT environment (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Managing of in house applications
  • Managing and servicing of the complete local IT infrastructure including the network